Anthropology Minor

Anthropology takes a holistic approach to the study of humankind by examining its cultural, social, linguistic, biological-evolutionary, environmental and historical dimensions. It is an interdisciplinary field that draws on the methods and theories of both the social sciences and the humanities. Its core concept is ‘culture’ and its hallmark methodology is long-term participant observational fieldwork. Study in anthropology not only develops within students an understanding and appreciation of societies and cultures different than their own, but also provides a critical understanding of how Western societies have viewed and interacted with other societies.

Because of its focus on cross-cultural and international issues and analysis, study in anthropology is particularly useful for students considering careers in fields such as college teaching and research, international business and law, foreign service and diplomacy, private and governmental development and foreign aid programs, missions and human rights. Anthropology also provides valuable training for students considering careers in human service fields such as social work, counseling, health care delivery and education.

The Anthropology Program offers a minor in anthropology and a major concentration within the sociology major.

Anthropology Minor

The minor in anthropology provides students with knowledge of the field of anthropology that significantly goes beyond that gained in the introductory course. Students gain substantial exposure to at least two of the four sub-fields of anthropology (sociocultural, biological, archaeological and linguistic) and to a particular ethnographic area, as well as to other topical areas.

This minor readily complements majors in other social sciences, the humanities, business and management and the natural sciences (especially biology), and broadens students’ knowledge of cultures other than their own.

Students who wish to minor in anthropology should contact the program director as early as possible in their career at Le Moyne.

The minor requires 15 credit hours to include:

Minor Requirements
ANT 101Introduction to Anthropology3
Select one course in an anthropological sub-field other than socio-cultural:3
Anthropological Linguistics
Biblical Archaeology
ANT 213People&Cultures Southeast Asia3
Select two other anthropology courses, ANT 303 highly recommended6
Total Credit Hours15

NOTE: A student majoring in sociology who chooses to minor in anthropology must complete the anthropology minor requirements separately from the sociology major requirements with the exception of ANT 303 Social Theory in Anthro/Sociol (SOC 303 Social Theory in Anthro/Sociol), which may be counted toward the major in sociology and the minor in anthropology.