Environmental Science Systems (B.S.)

Environmental Science Systems Major

A minimum of seven courses from the major requirements must be lab or field courses, and at least seven BIO/ESS courses must be taken at Le Moyne College.

Core Requirements 1
COR 100First Year Seminars: Transitions3
WRT 101Critical Writing3
PHL 110Introduction to Philosophy3
HST 110World Civilization I3
HST 111World Civilization II3
ENG 210Major Authors3
PHL 210Moral Philosophy3
EAC Encountering Another Culture/Language6
ENG 310Literature and Culture3
Social Science3
Natural Science3
IDS Interdisciplinary Studies3
COR 400Senior Studies: Transformations3
VPA Visual & Performing Arts1
DIV Diversity0
Major Requirements
BIO 191General Biology I4
BIO 230General Ecology4
BIO 458Global Climate Systems3
BIO/ESS Elective (BIO 192 recommended)3-4
BIO/ESS upper level elective3-4
BIO/ESS/CHM/PHY upper level electives8
Select one of the following:3
Global Ecosystems: Costa Rica
Global Ecosystems: North America
Ecology of the Galapagos
ESS 121Global Resources3
ESS 205Physical Geology4
ESS 320Earth's Surface4
ESS 335Biodiversity4
ESS 499Research in Bio & Environmental Systems3
or ESS 490 Internship in Environmental Science
Major Support Requirements
CHM 151Chemical Principles I3
CHM 151LChemical Principles I Laboratory1
CHM 152Chemical Principles II3
CHM 152LChemical Principles II Lab1
Select one of the following:8
Non-Calculus General Physics I
and Non-Calculus General Physics II
General Physics Scientists/Engineers I
and General Physics Scientists/Engineers II ((with lab))
Select two of the following:6-8
Introduction to Statistics I (no Computer Lab)
Introduction to Statistics I (with Computer Lab)
Introduction to Statistics II
Calculus I
Calculus II
Total Credit Hours126-130

Some Core requirements may be fulfilled by major requirements.

Typical Program for Environmental Science Systems Major

Plan of Study Grid
Freshman Year
First SemesterCredit Hour
BIO 191 General Biology I 4
CHM 151 Chemical Principles I 3
CHM 151L Chemical Principles I Laboratory 1
WRT 101 Critical Writing 3
HST 110 World Civilization I 3
COR 100 First Year Seminars: Transitions 3
 Credit Hours17
Second Semester
CHM 152 Chemical Principles II 3
CHM 152L Chemical Principles II Lab 1
BIO 192 General Biology II 4
ESS 121 Global Resources 3
PHL 110 Introduction to Philosophy 3
HST 111 World Civilization II 3
 Credit Hours17
Sophomore Year
First Semester
MTH 145 Calculus I 4
Free Elective 3
ENG 210 Major Authors 3
PHL 210 Moral Philosophy 3
EAC Encountering Another Culture/Language 3
 Credit Hours16
Second Semester
ESS 205 Physical Geology 4
MTH 146 Calculus II 4
ESS 128 Global Ecosystems: Costa Rica 1 3
Theology 3
EAC Encountering Another Culture/Language 3
 Credit Hours17
Junior Year
First Semester
ESS 320 Earth's Surface 4
BIO 230 General Ecology 4
PHY 101
PHY 103
Non-Calculus General Physics I
and General Physics Laboratory
VPA Visual & Performing Arts 1
ENG 310 Literature and Culture 3
 Credit Hours16
Second Semester
BIO 335 Biodiversity 4
BIO/ESS Elective 3-4
BIO/ESS Elective 3-4
PHY 102
PHY 104
Non-Calculus General Physics II
and General Physics Laboratory
 Credit Hours14-16
Senior Year
First Semester
BIO/ESS Elective 3-4
ESS 499 Research in Bio & Environmental Systems 3
Free Elective 3
Free Elective 3
Social Science 3
 Credit Hours15-16
Second Semester
Social Science 3
IDS Interdisciplinary Studies 3
BIO 458 Global Climate Systems 3
COR 400 Senior Studies: Transformations 3
Religion 3
 Credit Hours15
 Total Credit Hours127-130

Required field experience (could be as a part of BIO 330 Tropical Marine Biology or comparable course(s) and field trips to Costa Rica, Arizona or Ecuador)