Double Major in Theatre Arts and Communications (B.A.)

Core Requirements 1
COR 100First Year Seminars: Transitions3
WRT 101Critical Writing3
PHL 110Introduction to Philosophy3
HST 110
HST 111
World Civilization I
and World Civilization II
ENG 210Major Authors3
PHL 210Moral Philosophy3
EAC Encountering Another Culture/Language6
ENG 310Literature and Culture3
Social Science3
Natural Science3
IDS Interdisciplinary Studies3
COR 400Senior Studies: Transformations3
VPA Visual & Performing Arts1
DIV Diversity0
Theatre Major Requirements
The following 7 courses are required of all Theatre Arts majors
THR 105Introduction to Theatre3
THR 110Stagecraft3
THR 205Acting I3
THR 210Fundamentals of Design for Theatre3
THR 302The Western Drama Tradition3
THR/ENG Drama Lit3
THR 440Theatre Context4
Theatre Arts Electives
These must include one design class and one performance class.
THR Electives9
THR 335Devised Theatre3
or THR 340 Directing
Theatre Practicum
Production experience credit, value to be assigned by department: 1/2 to 2 credits. Within 4 years, this must total 3 credits.
THR 260Theatre Practicum1-3
CMM and THR Requirements
ENG 218Critical Perspectives on Literature3
Communications Requirements
The following 7 courses are required of all Communications majors
CMM 201Fundamentals of Speech3
CMM 205Intro to Video Production3
CMM 226Introduction to Film Studies3
CMM 250Mass Media and Society3
CMM 274Reporting and Writing3
CMM 350Communication Ethics3
CMM 376Introduction to Advertising3
or CMM 377 Introduction to Public Relations
Communications Electives
Communications Electives15
Foreign Language Requirement
Foreign Language (These must be in the same language. Fulfills EAC requirement.)6
Total Credit Hours132-134

Some Core requirements may be fulfilled by major requirements.