Film Minor

Housed within the Department of English, the Film Minor is an interdisciplinary course of study involving collaboration among a number of departments and programs. With courses that treat films as texts and examine the cultural and historical contexts in which films are produced, the Film Minor is open to all students at Le Moyne regardless of their major.
At Le Moyne, film minors consider the aesthetic and entertaining dimensions of films, as well as the ability of film to engage with philosophy, psychology, and society. By paying attention to the relation of film to the humanities, arts, and social sciences, film minors will pursue interdisciplinary inquiry that contributes to an understanding of the technological, narrative, documentary, and experimental nature of film.

Film minors will be invited to participate in the annual Syracuse International Film and Video Festival, an exciting community event held in the fall at venues throughout Syracuse, including Le Moyne. Opportunities are available to intern at the festival and to work on and attend pre-festival events throughout the year.

Questions should be directed to the Director of the Film Program, Julie Grossman.

Minor Requirements
ENG 372History of Film: Beginnings to 19403
Select two of the following:6
COR 100 Awakenings; COR 100 Monsters and the Monstrous; ENG 310 Literature and Culture: American Idols; ENG 310 Literature and Culture: Crimes and Misdemeanors; ENG 310 Literature and Culture: Representing History: Encountering the Holocaust through Literature, Film, and Art; ENG 310 Literature and Culture: The Private Detective in Fiction and Film
Documentary Film
Representations of the Media in Film
Critical Approaches to Film
History of Film: 1940 to Present
The Films of Alfred Hitchcock
Introduction to Film Studies
Italian Culture and Cinema
The Film Sound Track
Religion in Contemporary Film
World Religions and Film
Studies in Small Screen Narrative
Down These Mean Streets: Men, Women, and Film Noir
Choose two or more courses from any of those listed above, or from those below:6
Frame to Frame: Concepts in Motion
Intro to Video Production
Acting I
French Through Film
PHL 413
Total Credit Hours15