History and Political Science Dual Major

Core Requirements 140
COR 100First Year Seminars: Transitions3
WRT 101Critical Writing3
PHL 110Introduction to Philosophy3
HST 110World Civilization I3
HST 111World Civilization II3
ENG 210Major Authors3
PHL 210Moral Philosophy3
EAC Encountering Another Culture/Language 16
ENG 310Literature and Culture3
Mathematics 13
Social Science 13
Natural Science3
IDS Interdisciplinary Studies 23
COR 400Senior Studies: Transformations3
VPA Visual & Performing Arts1
DIV Diversity 30
Major Requirements65
HST 211American History Survey I3
HST 212American History Survey II3
HST 301Methods of Historical Research3
HST 302Historical Research and Writing3
HST Electives 421
PSC 101American National Politics3
PSC 201Introduction to Political Science3
PSC 202Methods of Political Science3
Internship, Service Learning OR Study Abroad2
PSC Electives 521
Major Support Requirements22
World Language 612
Social Science Courses (other than PSC and EDU)6
MTH 111Introduction to Statistics I (with Computer Lab)4
Free Electives0-3
Free Electives 70-3
Total Credit Hours121-127