Certificate in Web Programming

Le Moyne College’s undergraduate Web Programming certificate program is designed to prepare students for internship, part-time, and full-time employment opportunities as an entry-level web developer.

Students graduating from the Le Moyne College undergraduate Web Programming certificate program will be able to use a process to create, maintain, and verify digital design artifacts, including web pages.

Program Admission and Application Requirements

Applicants will document their interest in and motivation for pursuing this certificate program. No prior course work at an undergraduate institution is required.

CTS 101Introduction to Digital Technologies3
CTS 120Introduction to VIsual Design3
CTS 123Web Design & Development3
CTS 223Web Scripting & Services3
CTS 229Visual Design Capstone Project3
Plan of Study Grid
Year I
FallCredit Hours
CTS 101 Introduction to Digital Technologies 3
CTS 120 Introduction to VIsual Design 3
 Credit Hours6
CTS 123 Web Design & Development 3
 Credit Hours3
CTS 223 Web Scripting & Services 3
CTS 229 Visual Design Capstone Project 3
 Credit Hours6
 Total Credit Hours15