Ethics, Values, and Professional Life Minor

“Ethics, Values and Professional Life” is an ethics minor in the broadest construal of the word. Its goal is, quite simply, to help students live better lives by engaging with questions of personal values, ultimate meaning, and professional ethics. Students will be encouraged to set their personal and professional goals into the broader context of what it means to live meaningful lives as responsible members of their communities and citizens of the world. Accordingly, the courses in this minor will address topics in applied ethics, moral psychology, and social justice as they appear in real life situations. To illuminate the practical reality and relevance of these topics, the integration of non-humanities perspectives, as represented by pre-professional, social scientific, and STEM disciplines, will be key.

Minor Requirements
Students wishing to complete this minor must complete five courses.
PHL 110Introduction to Philosophy3
PHL 210Moral Philosophy3
Choose two courses from the following:6
Environmental Ethics
Crisis Ethics: War, Pandemic and Social Collapse
Social & Polticial Philosophy
Ethics and Public Policy
Philosophy of Law
Happiness and Meaning in Life
The Social Production of Space
Ethics of Medical Technology
Special Topic: Self-Care and Philosophy
Choose one course from the following:3
War, Peace and Violence
Comparative Religious Ethics & Social Concerns
Corporate Responsibility
The Faith That Does Justice
Christian Ethics
Christian Social Ethics
Digital Stories: Ongoing Transformation Of Knowledge, the World, and Personhood in the Digital Era
Bioethics: Justice for All?
Communication Ethics
Total Credit Hours15