Software Applications and Systems Development

Program Director: David Voorhees

This program's strength is in the liberal arts tradition - students receive broad exposure to other disciplines with a solid foundation in developing software applications and systems. A distinctive feature is a requirement to minor in another academic discipline. The SASD program combines the strengths of Le Moyne's computer science and information systems programs in a complementary way while adhering to the latest curriculum guidelines for software engineering.

The software applications and systems development (SASD) program combines software programming and software design from the computer science (CS) program with business analysis and project planning from the information systems (IS) program. A significant difference between the SASD and CS programs are in the mathematics requirements. The SASD program requires a student to take either Mathematics for Business Majors or Brief Calculus while the CS program requires a student to take Calculus I. There are two significant differences between the SASD and IS programs. First, the SASD program requires a student to earn a minor in any academic discipline while the IS program requires a student to take the Business core courses. Second, the SASD program requires a student to complete a sequence of programming courses while the IS program includes programming courses as an elective.

Student Learning Outcomes in Software Applications and Systems Development

Students who graduate from this program will be able to:

Evaluate the design of computational solutions.
Evaluate the security of computational solutions.
Solution and analysis
Create computational solutions that are based on good analysis of the business and the system.
Project planning and management
Create computational solutions with sound project planning and management.