Arts Administration Minor

Students interested in exploring the application of management principles in the context of the art world (dance, film, music, theater and visual art) are encouraged to explore the interdisciplinary arts administration minor. In order to complete a minor in arts administration, students must complete nine credits in the arts administration core and six credits from the applied arts, communication & film studies and Madden school of business courses.

Minor Requirements
Arts Administration Foundation Courses9
Arts Administration I
Arts Administration II
Arts Administration Internship
Select one of the following Applied Arts Courses:3
Introduction to Illustration
Watercolor Painting
Black and White Photography
Color Photography
Studio Photography
Introduction to Ceramics
Intro to Video Production
Communications Photography
Filmmaking As Art
Dramatic Video Production
Musical Theatre Workshop
Applied Music I
Applied Music II
Choral Ensembles
Instrumental Ensembles
Voice and Movement
Acting I
Theatre Performance Practicum
Ballet Dance Technique
Jazz Dance Technique
Contemporary Dance Technique
Musical Theatre Dance
Dance Choreography
Advanced Acting: Methods and Styles
Advanced Acting: Topics in Performance
Acting Shakespeare
Costume Design
Scene Design
Lighting Design
Introduction to Playwriting
Writing the One Act Play
Select one of the following Communication & Film Studies and School of Business Courses:3
Principles of Accounting I for Non Accounting Majors,Principles of Accounting I
Fundamentals of Speech
Media Layout and Design
Introduction to Advertising
Introduction to Public Relations
Creative Advertising
Music Journalism
Advanced Advertising
Principles of Microeconomics
Principles of Macroeconomics
Human Resource Management
Music Industry
Organizational Behavior
Entrepreneurship I: What's the Idea?
Principles of Marketing
Nonprofit Marketing
Statistics I
Total Credit Hours15