Physical Science (PHS)

PHS 120. Astronomy. 3 Credit Hours.

A survey of modern astronomy. Planets, stars, galaxies and the present scientific view of the universe and its origin are discussed. No prerequisites. Three lecture hours weekly.

PHS 128. Cosmology:Sci of Phys Universe. 3 Credit Hours.

Participants in this course will engage in a tour of the universe as we presently understand it and gain a much broader understanding of where we live. They will consider the scientific evidence available regarding the origin and future of the universe. They will consider the implications of this knowledge, and they will consider the questions that this knowledge raises. They will also see the process by which scientific knowledge is established, and they will encounter the limitations of the present state of our knowledge.

PHS 175. Dynamic Creation: Faith and Reason. 3 Credit Hours.

An interdisciplinary approach to the consideration of cosmology from the complementary perspectives of revelation and reason. The course will first consider the order of the universe as envisioned in selected works of the New Testament; it will then consider the data that the natural science of astronomy affords.

Prerequisite: Rel 200.

Cross-listed Courses: REL 389

PHS 275. Photography and Photometry. 3 Credit Hours.

This course explores those aspects of physics which relate to photography. It covers the basic properties of light, ray optics, infra red film and the visible spectrum, light polarization, lens optics, and the relationship of color film to light source. It also covers the digital camera and its components, and digital black and white printing. It provides students with an understanding of the relationship between physics and photography. No prerequisites. A compact digital camera or digital SLR camera is required. This course counts for core science credit.