Graduate Information

Student Services

Le Moyne offers a variety of services to meet the academic and personal needs of students. The following information provides an overview of the facilities, programs, services and activities designed to assist students.

Student Identification Cards

Student picture IDs are issued from the Office of Campus Life and Leadership located on the second level of the Campus Center. Individuals must show proper identification, such as a driver's license/permit or state-issued ID, before being issued a college ID card. A current Le Moyne student ID will allow students to check out books from the library and use the facilities at the recreation center.

Heights Alert Emergency Notification System

The Heights Alert system is designed to enhance and improve communication so that all members of the Le Moyne College community can stay informed in the event of an emergency on campus. This voluntary system allows students and staff to be notified by a text message to their cell phone, in the event of an emergency or campus closure. The message can also be sent to a designated email address. The system will be used only for emergency contact purposes. Subscribers to Heights Alert will pay no fees for the service, other than any regular fees associated with text messaging.

Dining Services

The Dolphin Den, located on the ground floor of Grewen Hall, features a convenience store, an upscale coffee shop and a full-service snack bar all in a large, comfortable space. A pub, located in the Campus Center, is a social space for the members of the Le Moyne Community who are 21 years of age or older.

Health and Counseling

All full-time graduate students are required to have medical insurance and must be enrolled in a college health insurance policy that will be billed directly to the student’s account. This fee can be waived if the student can provide evidence of other insurance. If they cannot provide evidence, they will be placed on college health insurance. The waiver process is done online and the instructions will accompany the bill. All students, regardless of class status or credit hours may purchase this insurance. Information is available at the Wellness Center for Health and Counseling.

College life can be quite stressful at times. Stress can arise about academics, relationships, family, mental health issues, and overall emotional well-being. It is a sign of courage to recognize when help is needed, and it is also the first step in solving any difficulty.

To support students in building resiliency and finding healthy and productive ways to address their concerns, students are encouraged to make an appointment at the Wellness Center for Health and Counseling, located in Seton Hall. 

The Wellness Center offers the following:

  • A holistic assessment and recommendations for treatment, which may include referrals to a variety of therapy and support groups offered by professional counselors on campus, off-campus referrals, and short-term, solution-focused individual therapy. Intake appointments can be scheduled by calling 315-445-4195.
  • Services related to substance abuse issues and concerns including assessments, support and educational groups, and short-term counseling.
  • A variety of wellness programming for the campus community.
  • Resources to borrow, which include brochures, books, and DVDs.
  • Consultation with student, families, faculty, and staff.

For specific information consult, call (315) 445-4195, or visit our offices in Seton Hall.

Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. during the academic year. In an emergency after hours, call Campus Security at (315) 445-4444.

Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry, based in the Panasci Family Chapel, is committed to serving the entire college community from the perspective of faith and values. An attitude of respect is encouraged among all religious traditions represented by the Le Moyne population. The pastoral staff offers many opportunities in spiritual growth, community building and service in the name of justice. Through a variety of retreats students, faculty, administrators and staff are encouraged to come to a deeper awareness of the truth in their hearts and to be inspired by the call to be leaders as they serve the needs of others. Amnesty International, Habitat for Humanity and the Ignatian Teach-In are just a few of the social justice programs sponsored by Campus Ministry that embody the hallmarks of a Le Moyne College education. Participants deepen their relationship with God through consciousness-raising activities that challenge them to integrate their personal values with the call to justice.

The Alternative Break Program provides national and international service and learning opportunities for the students, faculty, administrators and staff of the College. The goal of the program is for participants to deepen their relationship with God through sharing in the lives of those living in poverty through short-term service projects and living experiences.

Campus Ministry provides opportunities for students and staff to take part in the liturgical ministries of lector, Eucharistic minister and choir member. All are welcome to come to the Campus Ministry center where they can relax and find a trusted place where both religious and spiritual concerns can be addressed.

Career Advising and Development

The mission of the Office of Career Advising and Development is to empower students for success during and after their time at Le Moyne by offering comprehensive programs, services, and support to enhance students’ professional development

Career Advising and Development offers many programs and resources to support its mission and the career development needs of its students. Individual consultation, coaching and counseling are available with experienced career development professionals. The office invites alumni and employers to campus for networking opportunities with students. Recruitment programs featuring employers from a variety of industries are conducted on campus, through joint consortium programs in the region and online. Alumni of the College are also eligible for career services throughout their careers.

The Career Advising & Development Office is located in Reilly Hall 342. The usual business hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Call us at 315-445-4185 or email us at You can find more information on our website: . 

Noreen Falcone Library

The Library is located at the southwest corner of the campus. The library’s collections, policies and services are discussed in a series of guides. Copies of these guides are available in the reference area, as well as on the library’s home page.

The library’s home page contains links to over 135 databases providing access to research materials in all disciplines, in print and electronic formats. A database of over 100 million records, contributed by over 15,000 libraries, is used for the acquisition, cataloging and interlibrary borrowing of materials. When the library does not own the materials a student needs, this system is used to borrow those materials from another library in the region, New York state or elsewhere.

Please check the College website during fall, spring and summer semesters for library hours. Summer and holiday hours are announced via (315) 445-4153. Additional information can be found at the library Web page:


Located in the Le Moyne Plaza adjacent to campus, the bookstore is operated by Barnes & Noble College Booksellers and is open year-round. The campus store offers a wide selection of College-imprinted merchandise, school supplies, novelties, personal items, miscellaneous items and books of general interest. The staff will accept orders for any book not in stock.

Textbook purchases are made at the beginning of each semester. Specific rules for all textbook returns are posted at the checkout registers. Used books are bought back every day, with a special buyback at the end of the fall and spring semesters during finals week.

They will accept payment for merchandise in the forms of cash, personal checks with proper ID or any major credit card. Books and merchandise can also be ordered online at

W. Carroll Coyne Center for the Performing Arts

The W. Carroll Coyne Center for the Performing Arts is home to the College theatre, music and dance programs as well as the main venue for professional artists performing on campus. The building features a 200-seat flexible performance space with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, a studio theatre, music practice rooms, a dance studio, classrooms, production shops and administrative offices.

Computer Resources

A wide variety of computing resources are available on campus linked through a campus-wide fiber optic network. These resources are managed by the Office of Information Technology, which is located in the Noreen Falcone Library. In order to keep users informed and assist them in their use of these resources, a number of printed and online publications are produced throughout the year, including a newsletter and technical bulletins. Workshops and seminars are also held on various products and services.

A service desk, staffed by professional and student consultants, is available for further assistance. It is located in the library. All new graduate students should contact the service desk for IT access information. The service desk can be reached at 315.445.4579, or on line at

All students, faculty and staff are provided accounts, without cost, on appropriate systems that provide access to general applications, such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases and programming languages, as well as email and specific applications related to their fields. Access to the library catalog and the Internet are also provided.

A number of computer facilities, located throughout the academic buildings, are available for instruction and general student use. Each room is equipped with either Windows or Macintosh computers attached to networked laser printers. A variety of general applications as well as specialized instructional applications are supported on these systems.