Integral Honors

College Core and Honors Sequence

Core Requirements 1
WRT 101Critical Writing3
COR 100First Year Seminars: Transitions3
HST 110World Civilization I3
Natural Science3
Social Science3
Religion 23
EAC Encountering Another Culture/Language3
COR 400Senior Studies: Transformations3
or HON 320 The World of the Other
Other Requirements
HON 110Honors Philosophy3
HON 111Honors English3
HON 112Honors Theology3
HON 115World Civilizations-Honors3
HON 215Integral Honors Id Seminar 2,Honors Interdisciplinary Philosophy Seminar3
HON 225Honors Interdisciplinary Literature Seminar3
HON 380Interdisciplinary Honors Thesis Research,Honors Thesis Research3
HON 480Honors Thesis Project3
Total Credit Hours51

Some Core requirements may be fulfilled by Honors Program requirements.


Other courses will be developed that will also fulfill this requirement.

The remainder of the student’s program depends on the choice of major.

Typical Program for College Core and Honors Sequence

Plan of Study Grid
Freshman Year
First SemesterCredit Hour
HON 112 Honors Theology 3
 Credit Hours3
Second Semester
HON 110 Honors Philosophy 3
HON 115 World Civilizations-Honors 3
 Credit Hours6
Sophomore Year
First Semester
HON 111 Honors English 3
HON 215 Integral Honors Id Seminar 2,Honors Interdisciplinary Philosophy Seminar 3
 Credit Hours6
Second Semester
HON 225 Honors Interdisciplinary Literature Seminar 3
 Credit Hours3
Junior Year
Second Semester
HON 380 Interdisciplinary Honors Thesis Research,Honors Thesis Research 3
 Credit Hours3
Senior Year
First Semester
HON 480 Honors Thesis Project 3
 Credit Hours3
 Total Credit Hours24

Please consult program director for additional requirements