Philosophy & Computer Science Minor

This new minor program represents an interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary approach for combining computer science and philosophy. Utilizing computing technologies while having a better understanding of the theory of knowledge and ethical considerations is at the heart of this program. This minor program is designed to be taken by students in any major and is one of the new ERIE21-funded programs designed to provide students with a range of options for developing computing technology capabilities.

A student must complete the following requirements.

One of the following courses in logic.3
Critical Reasoning
Introduction to Formal Logic
One of the following courses in Epistemology or Advanced Ethics.3
Qualifying Epistemology courses are:
Critical Theory & Technological Society
Philosophy of Race
Theory of Knowledge
Philosophy of Science
Qualifying Advanced Courses in Ethics are:
Ethics of Medical Technology
Social & Polticial Philosophy
Or other applied ethics courses with approval by the Chair of the PHL department.
CSC 151Introduction to Digital Technologies3
Two courses from the Computer Science course offerings, with approval from the Chair of Computer Science.6-8
One of these courses could be replaced with an independent study combining PHL and CSC content, with approval of both Chairs.