Entrepreneurship Minor

Innovation has been at the heart of economic growth and increased levels of prosperity for nearly three centuries. The entrepreneur has, through this extended period of ideational ferment and business expansion, (by seeking new opportunities, launching new, perhaps risky ventures, and mapping out new domains) been central to the innovative process. The role of entrepreneurship in American economic growth is probably more significant than it is in the case of any other country. It is a tradition worth fostering, and we would like to encourage students to act entrepreneurially and to acquire an innovative mindset.

The intent underlying the minor is to stimulate students to start their own new ventures by giving them the analytical, applied, conceptual, and reflective skills necessary to do. Combined with this practical intent, is a larger goal of fostering an entrepreneurial mindset, by dint of which students become opportunity-seekers, and problem-solvers, constantly looking for ways to deal with life’s challenges.

Minor Requirements
MGT 310Entrepreneurship I: What's the Idea? 13
MGT 311Entrepreneurship II: Idea to Startup 13
MGT 312Entrepreneurial Strategy: The Innovative Firm 13
MGT 301Organizational Behavior3
MKT 301Principles of Marketing3
Select one of the following:3
Marketing Research
Supply Chain Analysis
Managing the Technological Enterprise
Global Resources
Total Credit Hours18

 Only 2 of these courses may count towards a Management and Leadership major.