MBA, Marketing Degree Program

The MBA Marketing Program strives to develop leaders who are able to execute successful marketing strategies while considering the societal implications of such strategies. The program immerses students in a cutting-edge academic environment through innovative curricula that prepares them for the evolving world of marketing. Core learning outcomes center on analytical effectiveness, ethical awareness and reflection, development of a global perspective, and effective communication.

Core Courses
Students pursuing this degree will complete the following core courses:
Required (12 credits):
BUS 601Business Ethics3
BUS 603International Business3
FIN 601Financial Management3
LDR 601Org Dynamics: Leadership3
Required (3 credits) (Quantitative)
MIS 601Information Strategy and Management3
Choose one: (3 credits) (Qualitative)
HRM 601Human Resource Management3
BUS 602Business Law3
Jesuit Value Core Courses (1 credit each)
JVC 601Individual and Collective Discernment1
JVC 602Sustainability Strategies1
JVC 603Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies1
MBA Marketing Specific Courses
Foundational Course (3 credits)
MKT 601Marketing Management3
Marketing Electives (9 credits)
Students complete three of the following of five courses (additional electives may be developed over time):
MKT 706Nonprofit Marketing3
MKT 710Judgment in Managerial Decision Making3
MKT 715Mobile Applications & Business Stratgs3
MKT 717Digital Marketing I3
MKT 719Marketing Analytics3
Capstone Research/Project Course (3 credits)
MKT 799Strategic Marketing3