Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Le Moyne MBA program consists of four levels:

Foundation Level

Five courses encompassing the elements of initial knowledge and skills required in management.

Other Requirements
ACT 501Intro Fin & Managerial Act3
BUS 501Business Communications3
ECO 501Economics for Managers3
MIS 501Management Information Systems3
STA 501Quantitative Decision Making3
Total Credit Hours15

Core Level

Nine courses which explore each of the functional areas of business separately. Each course includes values and communications in a global management environment.

Other Requirements
ANL 601Supply Chain Management3
BUS 601Business Ethics3
BUS 602Business Law3
BUS 603International Business3
FIN 601Financial Management3
HRM 601Human Resource Management3
MGT 601Org Dynamics: Leadership3
MKT 601Marketing Management3
MIS 601Information Strategy and Management3
Total Credit Hours27

Elective Level

Two courses from the following, intended to provide in-depth understanding of functional and interdependent areas of management (partial listing).

Other Requirements
ACT 530Government Contract Accounting3
ACT 536Introduction to Government Contracting Law, Compliance, Ethics3
ACT 537Capstone Course: Cases in Government Contracting Law, Compliance, and Ethics3
ACT 550Accounting Information Systems3
ACT 701Advanced Federal Income Taxation3
ACT 702Taxes & Business Strategy3
ACT 704Strategic Cost Management3
ACT 721Taxation of Corporations3
ACT 723Tax Research and Practice3
ACT 724Advanced Taxation of Pass-Through Entities3
ACT 725Advanced Estate and Gift Tax3
ACT 726Tax Accounting for Income Taxes3
ACT 727International Taxation3
ACT 740Advanced Taxation Capstone Seminar3
ACT 790Special Topics in Accounting3
ANL 702Cases in Business Analytics3
ANL 790Special Topics in Business Analytics3
BUS 530Government Contract Accounting3
BUS 536Introduction to Government Contracting Law, Compliance, Ethics3
BUS 537Capstone Course: Cases in Government Contracting Law, Compliance, and Ethics3
BUS 790 - BUS 798Special Topics in Management3
BUS 795Internship1-6
BUS 799Independent Study1-6
FIN 665Distress Investing3
FIN 667Modern Security Analysis3
FIN 701Investment Management3
FIN 790Special Topics in Finance3
HRM 701Current Issues in Human Resources3
HRM 707Staffing3
HRM 708Compensation3
HRM 790Special Topics in Human Resource Management3
MGT 703Leadership and Culture3
MGT 705International Business Leadership3
MGT 706Leadership, Management & Humanities3
MGT 708Lessons in Leadership3
MGT 711Leading Organizational Change3
MGT 712Career Self-Assessment3
MGT 715The Emotionally Intelligent Leader : Exploring Emotional and Social Competence in Leaders3
MGT 721Chaos in Health Care: Directing the Evolution3
MGT 722The Strategic and Creative Leader3
MGT 723Making Leadership Contagious3
MGT 724The Process of Health Care: Patient Centered Management3
MGT 725The Business of Healthcare: Connecting the Dots3
MIS 525Introduction to Java Programming Programming3
MIS 535Intro to Government Systems3
MIS 550Accounting Information Systems3
MIS 635Client Side Web Applications Development3
MIS 701Database Management Systems3
MIS 703Systems Analysis and Design3
MIS 7043
MIS 7063
MIS 707Risk Mgmt in Large Scale Systems3
MIS 710Health Information Systems3
MIS 711Managing Systems Projects3
MIS 712Financial Telecommunications and Cybersecurity3
MIS 716Business Intelligence3
MIS 717Managing the Technological Enterprise3
MIS 785Programming in Visual Basic With Visual Basic3
MIS 790Specl Topics in Mgmt Info Syst3
MIS 796Information Systems Internship1-6
MIS 799Master's Thesis Research Project1-6
MKT 706Nonprofit Marketing3
MKT 715Mobile Applications & Business Stratgs3
MKT 790Special Topics in Marketing3

Capstone Level

One management course that integrates various aspects of managerial decision-making, values analysis, quality corporate culture, leadership and global management: BUS 750 Strategic Management.