Risk Management and Insurance Minor

The Risk Management and Insurance minor complements a student's major discipline with the knowledge and essential skills needed to effectively manage risks and devise and execute strategies to optimize business objectives; and to understand the insurance products that are available to mitigate certain key risks, the services provided by insurance companies, and the benefits of and costs of insurance to society.  A risk management and insurance minor coupled with a student’s major will provide graduates with a key differentiator and a more diverse range of career opportunities across a broad range of organizations.

The Risk Management and Insurance minor requires 15 hours of course work, plus two prerequisite courses for those students outside the Madden School.  The prerequisite courses are ECO 113 Principles of Microeconomics and FIN 200 or 301 Introduction to Finance.  These two courses are required as part of the Madden Core curriculum.

Minor Requirements
RMI 210Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance3
RMI 320Enterprise Risk Management3
RMI 350Insurance & Reinsurance Company Operations3
Applied Ethics Course3
Select one of the following electives:3
Introduction to Cybersecurity
Intermed Microeconomic Theory
Intermediate Managerial Finance
Property and Casualty Insurance
Life, Health and Annuities
Risk Financing
Strategic, Operational, Environmental Risk Management
Underwriting and Brokerage
Managing the Technological Enterprise
Claims Processing
Financial Derivatives
Managing Systems Projects
Total Credit Hours15