Dual Adolescent and Special Education Program (Grades 7-12)

EDU 105Teaching in a Diverse Society3
EDU 120Child Abuse Workshop/SAVE Violence Prev0
EDU 121Autism Spectrum Disorder Training for Teacher Certification0
EDU 122Dignity for All Student Act (dasa) Training for Teacher Certification0
EDU 150Contemporary Perspectives on Special Ed3
EDU 215Learning in a Sociocultural Context3
EDU 225Assessment & Decision Making for Equity/Inclusion3
EDU 303Multicultural Literacy Methods3
EDU 315Plan,Assessing,Managing Inclusive Clsrm3
EDU 325Teach/Adapt Curric Content Specialists3
EDU 335Literacy Development in the Content Area3
EDU 345Collabor&Transition Plan Stu Spec Needs3
EDU 401Adolescent Education Strategies & Technology4
EDU 405Preservice Clinical Teaching Seminar3
EDU 451Supervised Preserv Teaching (SPE 7-12)6
EDU 450Supervised Preservice Teaching (7-9)6
or EDU 460 Supervised Preservice Teaching (10-12)
Total Credit Hours46