Occupational Therapy Studies (M.S.)

Typical Program for Occupational Therapy Studies

Plan of Study Grid
Year I
IntersessionCredit Hour
OTM 501 Introduction to OT 3
OTM 502 Clinical Anatomy & Kinesiology 3
OTM 503 Movement, Participation and Adaptation Of Occupation 2
OTM 504 Health Care Ethics & Advocacy 2
 Credit Hours10
First Semester
OTM 505 Foundations of Occupational Science in OT Practice 3
OTM 506 OT Practice in Mental Health 2
OTM 507 Foundations of Neuroscience 3
OTM 508 Group Task Process & Practice 2
OTM 509 Clinical Medicine in Children & Adults 3
OTM 510 Introduction to Inquiry & Evidence Based I 3
OTM 511 Fieldwork I-1A 1
 Credit Hours17
Second Semester
OTM 601 Occupational Performance in Adult and Geriatrics 4
OTM 602 Evaluation & Intervention With Adults And Geriatrics 3
OTM 603 Inquiry & Evidence Based Practice II 3
OTM 604 Neuro-Rehabilitation 3
OTM 605 Professional Reasoning 2
OTM 606 Clinical Internship Level II Seminar I 0.5
OTM 611 Fieldwork I-2A: Adults 1
 Credit Hours16.5
Year II
OTM 685 Clinical Internship 9
 Credit Hours9
First Semester
OTM 622 OT Practice with Children and Youth 3
OTM 623 Evaluation and Intervention for Children And Youth 3
OTM 624 Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology 2
OTM 625 Occupation in Community & Justice 3
OTM 626 Inquiry Evidence-Based OT Practice III Research Project 2
OTM 627 OT Management & Leadership 3
OTM 621 Clinical Internship Level II Seminar II 0.5
OTM 612 Fieldwork I-3A: Pediatrics 1
 Credit Hours17.5
Second Semester
OTM 686 Pediatrics Experiential Practice 9
OTM 676 Capstones Master Project 1
 Credit Hours10
 Total Credit Hours80

All of the above course work is required for degree completion.

Note: The Department Chair will communicate any additional lab hours/time

The Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) has granted “Candidacy Status” to the Occupational Therapy Program at Le Moyne College.

Candidacy Status is step 2 of the accreditation process. Although the designation “Candidacy Status” is not a guarantee of accreditation, it does indicate that the resource allocation and plan for development of the proposed program appear to demonstrate the ability to meet the ACOTE Standards for a Master’s-Degree-Level Educational Program for the Occupational Therapist if fully implemented as planned.