Writing (WRT)

WRT 100. Introduction to Critical Writing. 3 Credit Hours.

This 3-credit course will for some students be a prerequisite for WRT 101. Admission to WRT 101 will be based on a prior selection process. This course develops basic writing skills such as paper organization, paragraphing, thesis-building, and argumentation. It also focuses on fundamental issues of syntax and grammar. Students will be expected to revise several papers and to participate in writing workshops. One of the primary functions of this class will be to prepare students for successful completion of WRT 101.

WRT 101. Critical Writing. 3 Credit Hours.

Practice in the skills of critical thinking, critical reading, and especially critical writing. Students will analyze selected essays and articles in conjunction with frequent writing assignments. Students will be expected to gain and demonstrate college-level proficiency in critical reading, critical writing, and standard English grammar and usage.