Classics (CLS)

CLS 275C. Roots for Medical Terminology. 3 Credit Hours.

Designed for students who are pursuing a career in one of the medical fields, this course will focus on the study of the Latin and Greek roots that form the basis of most medical and scientific vocabulary. The practical aim of the course is to allow the student who is preparing for one of the medical professions to enhance greatly his or her acquisition of medical terminology. This course will also investigate the origin, ideas, and practice of ancient science and medicine. (NOTE: THIS COURSE IS PART OF THE UNYLC FOREIGN LANGUAGE CONSORTIUM. HOST SCHOOL IS SIENA. PLEASE SEE THE REGISTRAR'S OFFICE OR THE FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT FOR A REGISTRATION FORM AND GUIDELINES.).

CLS 348. Classical Mythology. 3 Credit Hours.

No knowledge of Latin or Greek is required. The common repertory of myths from Greek and Roman sources is studied. Attention is also given to the influence of these myths in both ancient and later times, especially on literature and art.

Prerequisites: WRT 101.

Fulfills: 300-level Elective requirement.

Cross-listed Courses: ENG 348

CLS 349. Classical Literature in Translation: Ancient Greek Warriors: Warfare & Homecoming. 3 Credit Hours.

Sail the Seas! See the Cyclops! Head Home! In this course, "Ancient Greek Warriors: Warfare & Homecoming," students will read Homer's Odyssey, an ancient Greek epic filled with fantasy and adventures that is foundational to Western literature. This marvelously wrought tale of Odysseus' travels to Ithaka from the Trojan War is the genesis for the modern concept of the "odyssey," a monumental journey, often requiring the courage, cleverness, and patience depicted during Odysseus' return homeward, to his land, his home, and his family. Timeless issues raised by Homer's epic, such as honor and duty, the (in)visible wounds of war, and the challenges of readjustment to domestic life will be viewed through multiple lenses, with supplementary readings from ancient Greek literature and writings from our contemporary world.

Prerequisite: WRT 101.

Fulfills: 300-level Elective requirement for English majors.

Cross-listed Courses: ENG 349