Classics (CLS)

CLS 101. Building Eng Vocab frm Latin. 3 Credit Hours.

This course consists of a systematic study of the Latin elements in the English language. It is designed to provide the student with a comprehensive understanding of English vocabulary and usage, with techniques for analyzing unfamiliar words, and with an overview of the principles of linguistic change. A portion of the course is devoted to the history of the English language and to the proper use of the dictionary. No prior knowledge of Latin is needed.

CLS 203. Classical Mythology. 3 Credit Hours.

No knowledge of Latin or Greek is required. The common repertory of myths from Greek and Roman sources is studied. Attention is also given to the influence of these myths in both ancient and later times, especially on literature and art.

Prerequisites: WRT 101, and ENG 200, ENG 210 or ENG 218.

Fulfills: Period (Pre 1789) requirement.

Cross-listed Courses: ENG 203

CLS 204. Classical Literature in Translation. 3 Credit Hours.

Selected readings and discussions of important works from ancient literatures.

Cross-listed Courses: ENG 204