Core (COR)

COR 000. Core Requirement Completion. 51 Credit Hours.

COR 100. First Year Seminars: Transitions. 3 Credit Hours.

First-year students at Le Moyne College are negotiating many transitions, among the most important is the transition into a new experience of reflection, learning and intellectual rigor. The First-Year Seminar introduces students to the world of academic study, while also introducing them to the values of a liberals arts, Jesuit education. Using highly focused topics, often interdisciplinary in nature, these courses will help students to acclimate to college-level inquiry, while also cultivating a sense of their own identity as scholars. The topics of these courses will be inspired by the talents and the interests of the faculty--anything from the nature of artificial intelligence to the psychology of grief to the identity of the artist; however, the goal of the course will be to inspire students' intellectual curiousity as they move through their college careers. Note: Only one topic within this series of seminars is required to fulfill this course requirement.

Cross-listed Courses: COR 100LB

COR 100LB. Writing the Self. 3 Credit Hours.

What does it mean to be a writer? How does the act of writing contribute to the journey of self discovery? This first-year seminar will explore the way we cultivate self through various acts of writing. Students will critically read and discuss several forms of writing from essays to short stories to blogs and current social media outlets. In addition to Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own, students will read selections from many authors including but not limited to James Baldwin, Tobias Wolff, Anne Lamott, and ZZ Packer. While interacting with an author's work, students will also read and consider the author's biography, life choices, beliefs, and values and how these are evident (or not) and connected (or not) to their work. Students will participate in creative writing and journaling assignments to explore their own experience as writers and how the act of self reflection in writing may contribute to self discovery and a better sense of self.

Cross-listed Courses: COR 100

COR 400. Senior Studies: Transformations. 3 Credit Hours.

Transformations presupposes that it is not enough simply to know; nor is it enough simply to do. Rather, a Liberal Arts education fulfills its mission when students experience a transformation in their perspective, making this new insight a part of themselves. As the senior bookend of the First Year Seminar, Transformations offers a series of courses intended to address the end of college and the launching of adult life in its wake. These courses will review and synthesize the learning achieved while at Le Moyne, and they will invite students to focus their talents, their energies, and their knowledge toward the world they are about to enter. The (COR 400) Senior Studies Program challenges students with courses that respond to the complicated, dynamic nature of the contemporary world. The "transformations" studied should serve as metaphors for the meaning of the world today and how we out to live in that world.